Maktab Foundation

Maktab Foundation

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Texas, United States
Maktab Foundation
Maktab Foundation
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Maktab Foundation

Texas, United States


Religious organization

A large number of students studying in schools and

colleges in Pakistan depend on additional mentoring

to understand the course content. Most of them

have to rely on private academies and individual

tutors to comprehend the course content and to

pass the board exams. Many of these students do

not have the financial resources to afford private

tutors for each subject they are studying. Moreover,

even when they attend the private academies, due to

large class size the pace of learning is not

self-controlled. Furthermore, in many regions of the

country, especially in rural area, qualified teaching

staff is in scarcity. This situation is more

pronounced for science subjects. Students in such

regions are at a competitive disadvantage because

for their college or university admissions they have

to compete with students from all over the country.

Using advances in communication technology,

Khwarizmi Science Society (KSS) Maktab program

plans to address some of the above mentioned

problems. KSS Maktab program will assist the

students in their comprehension of the course

content, as well as provide them a self-paced

learning alternative. One of the key sources of

motivation for us is teaching model of Salman Khan



Provide quality lectures on CDs and YouTube with

an open access and at no cost

Main focus on conceptual learning, but at the

same time teaching geared towards exam

preparation also

Act as a supplementary resource for students

Teach the course content in Urdu language for

better comprehension. Most of the text and

technical terms will remain in English; however, the

explanation of the text will be in Urdu.


Long term scope of this program is to cover most of

the academic classes and courses offered in

Pakistan from Class 1 to bachelor degree level.

Focus and preference will be for the scientific

subjects, as these are aligned with the KSS goals of

popularization of science in the society.

However, in Phase 1 of this project, we will only

cover the F.Sc. syllabus for the following science

subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and

Biology. We will start with the text books of one of

the government boards and extend it to course

content of other boards' text books, based on

resource availability.

In Phase 2 of the project, we will cover the Matric

syllabus for the science subjects.

Our current preference to cover F.Sc. syllabus is due

to the following reasons:

An overwhelming majority of the F.Sc. 1st year

students come from Urdu medium background so

face additional difficulties due the transition of

language (of the text).

The working environment of government colleges

that majority of the students attends is completely

different from that of the schools. In many college

lecturers don't observe a teaching schedule strictly,

hence the students are generally left either on their

own or on the tuition academies. So college

students deserve first and foremost attention.

F.Sc. with incomplete faculty. Sometimes a single

science teacher covers all the science subjects

(Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology).

It is quite rare to find a complete set of four female

lecturers in a small city to cover all the four subjects,

due to which many female students suffer the most.


We will start the project with some seed money

and will hire instructors to cover the F.Sc. science

subjects (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and


We will prefer the fresh graduates of F.Sc., and

students in Engineering Universities, Medical

Colleges, and Computer Science institutions.

During incubation period we will closely manage

and monitor the project. Later, we will remove the

restrictions and make it more open for others to

contribute. This call will be made from KSS's


After pilot program's success, we will be open to

accept donations to promote this program.

Volunteerism will be encouraged to produce new

content and to manage and disseminate it.

We will inspire other people and/or groups to

replicate the experience for non-science subjects




Texas, United States
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